Bitcoin Domain-names for Sale

The following bitcoin-related domain names are for sale. Please make your offers in BTC or fiat currencies to bdom (at) gmx (dot) com. The domains are also up for sale on although you'll get a better deal dealing direct with me as Sedo charges high fees.


Finance / Forex / Trading / Exchange SOLD! SOLD!

Technical / Dev SOLD!

Services SOLD! SOLD!

Bitcoin SOLD! SOLD!

Gambling SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!


News / Media SOLD!

Random SOLD!

Sales / Retail

Domains owned by


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  3. Very impressive list of crap.

    I'd say about 5 are worth something, but not much.

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  8. The email address on this post is invalid. Are these domains really for sale? How can we contact the seller? bounces...

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    I also have a range of brandable & keyword Bitcoin domains for sale - best of luck to everyone.


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